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Five Dragon Temple

Late in the month of April, 2007, Master Yuan lead a small group of foreign students to the mystical Five Dragon Monastery (Wu Long Gong) deep in the mountains of Wudang.  This trip is typically made several times a year during the Spring and Fall months when the conditions are comfortable, but this trip was special and unlike any other.



Wu Long Gong, a historical landmark, was constructed on a sacred sight that was established over 1500 years ago during the reign of the Tang Dynasty.   The temple itself is well over a thousand years old.  Wu Long Gong is nestled deep within a rich mountain landscape, one of the few untouched grounds of Wudang.  Looking across the lush horizon gives one a glimpse into the immortal times of old China that one can only dream of.  Countless masters have trekked these very grounds and the magic is realized with each and every step along the weathered path to the ancient temple.  Wu Long Gong is truly a treasure of Wudang.



Wu Long Gong, like the rest of Wudang, is currently going through an extensive refurbishing program.  Though some could argue that this is program will only help preserve the ancient temples and pathways, there are still others that would rather see the timeless relics left untouched.  Therefore, this special trip lead by Master Yuan may very well be the last chance for these students to see Wu Long Gong as it has stood for the last century.      



The journey began on a rented tour bus packed to the brim with anxious students, eager to visit the timeless relic.  However, the bus could only take them so far;  before long, the students had to unload all their supplies and continue the epic journey on foot.  The walk itself was long and arduous and the students faced many obstacles such as rugged terrain, road construction, and rain.  Luckily, everyone in the martial family was very helpful and the trek was somewhat pleasant despite the difficult challenges.  Aside from a short break for water and fruit, the group pressed forward, and before long they arrived at the Immortal Hermit Cave (Ying Xian Ren) where they all enjoyed a much needed rest.  The rest however, was very short lived, and it wasn't long before they found themselves back on the treacherous trail.



***PART TWO***

After another hour long hike, the group finally reached the temple grounds of Wu Long Gong where they were immediately greeted by a group of old monks.  As the students took in the timeless beauty of the rustic temple relics, the monks eagerly prepared a modest vegetarian meal.  A gentle rain fell as everyone feasted; then after the meal the group crammed themselves into the humble sleeping quarters.  The day long journey was finally over.

The morning greeted the group with a beautiful day.  The students rarely get a chance to be away from the local villagers and tourists, but luckily the temple grounds are far away from any such traffic.  The group took advantage of this quiet time to meditate and exercise.  Afterwards, the group took a short break before another vegetarian meal was prepared by the monks for lunch.  When the students had gotten their fill, everyone took a hike up to the peek of the temple grounds, Wu Long Ding (Five Dragon Top).

Wu Long Ding, is the original location of Wu Long Si (Five Dragon Temple) that was built over 1500 years ago.  This sacred location is where the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shi Ming, prayed for rain.  Legend has it, that five dragons emerged from the sky and brought rain from the heavens, so Wu Long Si was erected to commemorate this event.  Sadly, all that remains from this ancient landmark is a small shrine.

After spending the afternoon upon the peak, the group slowly made their way back down the mountain back to Wu Long Gong to practice qigong and meditate again.


www.wudanggongfu.com.Wudang Taoist Traditional KungFu Academy, Master Yuan XiuGang took his students to practice and travelling at WuLong Temple on the mountain on 2007.This is a first part of the journey.The second part coming soon......


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