Yuxu Palace was built in 1413, originally one of the largest buildings in Wudang with its 2,000 rooms, until it was destroyed in 1745. The remains of the palace include two pavilions housing stone tablets positioned upon stone tortoises, each of which weighs over several hundred tons. In recent years the Yuxu Palace has scene great rennovations and refurbishments while at the same time still retaining much of its original structure.

Training is held in the Yuxu Palace everyday. If the weather does not permit outside training, there are two large newly rennovated training halls at the academy where classes are also held. The academy also has a meditation hall for sudents.

What does a day of training look like?

Schedule Times
Qi Gong/ Free Training6:00-7:00 AM
Breakfast7:30 AM
Morning Training8:30-11:00 AM
Lunch12:00 PM
Afternoon Training3:00-5:00PM
Dinner5:30 PM
Free Training7:00-8:30 PM

* note that the exact times may vary through out the year to make full use of daylight


The schools dormitories and dining hall are conveniently located directly next to the main training ground, the Yuxu Palace. Each room has a bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe. For double rooms, there are two beds, two desks, two chairs, and a wardrobe. The regular bedrooms come with western style toilet and shower. The simple rooms share a communal Chinese style bathroom.


Tuition to the school includes training, room, and board. Tuition varies depending on the duration of your stay; the longer one stays, the cheaper per month. Students are welcome to learn one form per month alongside qi gong. There are three meals served per day. Tuition is to be paid in full, and tuition fees are subject to change.

Tuition Per Month in CHINESE RENMINBI (RMB)

Kind of Room1 Month2 Months3 Months6 Months1 Year
Single room - Air Con81007800/month7500/month7200/month6600/month
Single room - No Air Con75007200/month6900/month6600/month6000/month
Double room - Air Con75007200/month6900/month6600/month6000/month
Double room - No Air Con69006600/month6300/month6000/month5400/month
Simple room66006300/month6000/month5700/month5100/month

all prices are per person

If you are interested in coming to train for less than one month, please e-mail Master Yuan directly to ask about short term study fees.
All students are required to purchase training uniforms from the academy. Students studying for less than one week (7 days) must purchase one uniform. Students studying for more than 7 days are required to purchase two uniforms. The cost of one uniform is 220 RMB.

How to Pay?

The best way to pay tuition is by wire transfer:
Please use the following information to wire the money after you have made your reservations with the school

Name: yuanjianqiao
Account Number: 467170401880161195
Bank Name: Bank of China
Address: Shiyan Branch, Wudangshan