To ensure good quality in teaching we appreciate feedback on how our students experience the school. Below you can find the feedback our students gave us.

Jeff Reid

Country: American
About the School: I first came to Wudang in the summer of 2007. I have studied with Master Yuan for over a year now and will also be taking part in the new program beginning in September of 2009. Master Yuan's style of teaching and achievements in both wushu and Daoism are unparalleled. Studying as a student of Master Yuan has provided me with the guidance and

direction that I have been looking for in my life. It is under Master Yuan's tutelage and guidance that I have been able to realize my goals as well as to understand my own practice, and further my study of Dao and wushu. I am deeply honored that he has chosen to share with the world what he has learned.

Master Yuan is devoted to his student's learning and well being. He immediately recognizes the problem areas in a student's body and can tailor a unique learning program to help any student's goals. Master Yuan takes an active role in his student's development, not only physically, but also mentally.
The atmosphere of the school is always comfortable. There is always a diverse and quirky group of foreigners and all of the Chinese students are friendly. Their dedication to training and perseverance is inspirational. The student-coaches are amiable, well trained, and well educated in both their martial abilities as well as teaching skills; keeping the class engaged and helping to push each student to fulfill their goals.

Benjamin Conway

Country: Australia
About the School: I came to China in search of a training that was more in depth, more absorbing and more holistic than anything I'd previously found in Australia.
So, in August of 2009, I travelled to Wudang to take part in Master Yuan's 5 year Traditional Class.
I won't lie, at times it has been torturous, however I wouldn't trade that time or those experiences for anything.

The people here, other students, staff and Master Yuan are all so welcoming. It has helped me feel like part of a family and circle of friends while I'm away from my original one in Australia. This has been monumental in being able to dig deeper and keep on keeping on.

Through my good fortune at finding a Master like Master Yuan, I hope that in the next 4 years I can get the best out of myself and become a natural person as well as an excellent Wushu practioner.

Eren Akalin Asil

Country: Turkey
About the School: I first came to Wudang to attend a workshop on Daoist philosophy. At the end of the workshop I decided to stay in this beautiful and inspiring place to broaden my studies through the practices of qigong, taiji quan and meditation. I chose the school because of the emphasis placed on the internal martial arts.

Master Yuan –being a highly accomplished martial artist- has unique training methods that allow students to form an excellent foundation to build upon. Grasping the deeper levels of meaning in internal practices and Daoist philosophy can be difficult to put into words in any language. But Master Yuan is able to relay the students the wisdom and benefit of martial arts, and a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the practice with exceptional skills. He is compassionate and motivating towards his students, offering individual instructions into the challenges that inevitably rise during the study. The profound insights and knowledge transmitted from a master is irreplaceable. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Master Yuan since 2007 in this friendly and supportive community.

Deepak Das

Country: India
About the School: By profession I m a Martial Arts Coach and a fight choreographer for TV and films I? am into martial arts since 1988 ?doing different art forms such as Modern Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Karate Budokan, Yoga ,Power Yoga, Kick Boxing & Muay Thai. I was always looking for a great and genuine master in Sang Feng Tai Chi and other forms internal martial arts.

Finally I got it….the precious and incredible teaching of Master Yuan Xiu Gang. I m very grateful to him and will be for lifetime for teaching me so much in great details in just three weeks only. It has changed my perception towards martial arts in a great way……

5 Animal Chi Kung, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, Baji Quan, Baqua Zhang, Fangbian Chan, Da Dao, Fu Chen etc are the forms I had the opportunity to learn. Looking forward to come again soon. He is a great, genuine master and a very good human being. Its worth to come to Wu Dang to learn under him.

David Evans

Country: Australia
About the School: I came to Wudang on the 1st of May and trained with Master Yuan for 6 months and found it to be a real blessing. After arriving with fatigue and digestive problems I have pretty much had a complete turn around.

The Yu Xu temple grounds are great to train at especially having the Wudang mountains in the back ground and the occasional monk or nun walking past to set a wonderful atmosphere.

Apart from teaching what you want to learn , with Master Yuan's experience he will teach you what you need.He has a very warm and honest approach and his main goal is to improve his students quality of life.His English skills are great making communication easy which is paramount for training

One of the memorable experiences I had with Master Yuan was a 3 day retreat in a temple ruin in the mountains away from tourist areas.The scenery was breath taking and the air was fresh and sweet with the smell of the surrounding flora.We spent the 3 days practicing meditation , chi gong and learning techniques to help clean the toxins out of the body's organs.We finished off the 3 days with a 4 hour walk back through the mountains and a quick taxi from Purple Heaven Palace back to the school.

It was a real treat especially being in one of the most populated countries in the world.This is definitely somewhere I'd visit again.

Corey Hopp

Country: American
About the School: I came to Master Yuan's school for the first time in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the place. I was impressed with the intensity of the training and felt an easy camaraderie with the other students I met there. The more time I trained with Shifu and the coaches, the deeper my respect for the school became. Master Yuan is an amazing mixture of a stern teacher and a compassionate, fun-loving mentor, and likewise the other students and coaches help create a dynamically playful and disciplined environment. These qualities and the progress I have seen in myself since I have begun training there have me constantly scheming about how I can spend more time at this amazing place.